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Tomorrow is our 15th year in business and if you're in Reykjavik, Iceland make sure to stop by our jewelry store in Bankastræti 4. We are having a reception from 4pm-7pm and offering some in-store specials in honour of the occasion. 

AURUM Jewelry 15-year anniversary event
Aurum’s designer, Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir, is an award-winning jewelry designer behind the unique Icelandic jewelry brand Aurum. The company is located in the heart of city centre in Bankastræti 4, Reykjavík.

Aurum’s jewellery pieces are notable for their fine detail and delicate nuances that give them a feminine touch but at the same time a light, modern appearance. The inspiration for their shapes is taken largely from Icelandic nature.

For any inquiries or questions don't hesitate to call +354.551.2770 or email aurum@aurum.is // Free shipping // Athugið að það er frí heimsending innanlands.

AURUM 15-year anniversary in-store event