Aurum design 

Inspired by nature, with its delicate, irregular shapes, Aurum jewellery is characterised by rich details and a sense of movement, finesse and balance. Each unique collection bears the name of an Icelandic woman.

Simultaneously light, feminine and intricate, the three dimensional designs evoke natural patterns resulting in pieces that are both modern and timeless.

Iceland’s leading jeweller prides itself on creating the most delicate and intricate designs representing their story of ambition, understanding, responsibility, unity and mindfulness in relation to nature. Aurum’s latest range of striking sterling silver rings is no exception and these statement pieces hold much more significance than any other. The inspiration for the shape and style of each piece is taken from the exhilarating Icelandic habitat and the animals within it.

For those that hold a close relationship with nature, you share your passion with Guðbjörg Aurum’s designer, who’s joy lies in producing designs characterised by movement, finesse and balance, based around the Icelandic environment, to produce the most delicate pieces.

Aurum jewellery lines are based on modern designs and methods while being both stylish and classic, and in that way hold a sense of timelessness. The most recent collection reflects the black terrain of Iceland and the rhythmical waves, with the everlasting cycle of the water that has no beginning and no end.

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