Gerdur bracelet

Gerdur bracelet

This design is inspired by the work of sculptor Gerdur Helgadóttir. The designer takes on the challenge of transferring two-dimensional patterns and shapes onto a three-dimensional piece of jewelery. The organic, irregular shapes of nature meet the circular form, creating movement and a complex whole.

Material: 925 silver

Bracelet size:

Our bracelets have 3 sizes, small, medium, large.

Small = 17.5 cm.
Medium = 18.5 cm.
Large = 19.5 cm.

If you have any other request, please write us so we can see it with the order.

How do I measure my wrist?


Measure your wrist in cm. by wrapping a flexible ruler or tape measure around it. Do not pull the ruler too tightly.

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