Splitit installment payments at 0% interest: How does it work?

What is Splitit?

We work with our partner Splitit to offer payment in installments.

This service is free, involves no credit checks or applications, and means you can choose to split your payment into monthly installments.

How does Splitit work on the AURUM site?

We accept Splitit as a payment method for any order above €100.

To use Splitit all you need is a credit card with a sufficient amount of available credit. Choose Splitit as your payment method during the online checkout. 

During checkout, you'll be asked for your mobile number for security verification purposes. You'll receive an SMS (text) with a special code that you must enter on our checkout page in order to complete your transaction.

You can pay using Splitit with a Mastercard or Visa card. Debit cards, American Express and pre-paid cards are not accepted

You can split your total payment over a maximum of seven months.

Are there any extra fees involved?

No, this is an interest-free payment method with no additional fixed fees, service fees, interest, or hidden fees of any kind.

How does Splitit affect my credit card limit?

Splitit authorizes the total order value—but don’t worry, this is not taken in full when you complete your online purchase. At the time of shipping, only the first installment will be charged to your credit card. The remaining balance will be held on your credit card until the final payment has been made. However, a payment authorization for the outstanding amount of your purchase will be held during the full payment period. After each monthly payment, the amount held from your available balance will be reduced to the new remaining balance (the held amount might appear as “pending”).

What happens if I return my AURUM order?

First of all, we'll do everything in our power to make sure you're happy with your AURUM order :) If, for whatever reason, you decide to return your AURUM jewellery, upon receipt of your return we will reimburse the installments that have already been paid and cancel the outstanding payments. We will deduct from your reimbursement the bank fees that we paid on your online purchase transaction(s). Under our return policy, you are responsible for the cost of shipping products back to us in Iceland.