FOLD collection

In this collection we see the shape of the earth and the materials of which it is made.Lava and moss weave together and kindle images of the smouldering at the earth’s core.

AURUM design

The Aurum jewellery lines are based on modern designs and methods while being both stylish and classic, and in that way hold a sense of timelessness. Natural patterns and shapes take on new meaning in her three-dimensional designs that are at once feminine and complex. Guðbjörg’s designs are characterised by movement, finesse and balance.

Our Designer - Guðbjörg

Aurum’s designer, Guðbjörg Kr. Ingvarsdóttir studied goldsmithing and jewelry design at the Institute for Precious Metals in Copenhagen. In 1999 she founded the design firm Aurum and since then has made a name for herself with her distinctive and sophisticated style

Guðbjörg’s jewellery designs have attracted much attention worldwide and she has taken part in many international design exhibitions, both as a solo designer and in group shows. She was awarded first prize in the jewellery competition Spirit of the North in St. Petersburg in 2000, received the DV Cultural Award in Reykjavík for art design in 2002 and the Icelandic Visual Arts Award for design in 2008.

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